Sponsorship Opportunities

Becoming a sponsor of AIEF 2020 brings many benefits to Governments, companies, organizations and individuals; it provides a targeted approach to promoting the corporate image, branding, creating greater awareness, generate sales, make contacts, gain competitive advantage, worldwide exposure and venue to launch new products or services of both public and private entities. Furthermore, sponsoring bodies also receive a tremendous exposure in African and GCC countries, MENA region, Middle East and Asia. The Marketing Campaign for this Event will feature all sponsors and will include:

  • Exhibition and on-site branding
  • Media promotion of the event (including print, radio, web and targeted press releases)
  • Branding of pre-event marketing brochures and other literature

Sponsorship is a proven method of communicating key corporate messages and being part of AIEF 2020, sponsoring bodies will be ideally positioned to take advantage of the huge growth market, which offers them further potential to reinforce their positive aspects.