Based on the analysis of various Islamic economy sector activities, global sector trends and industry player inputs, the following are the most prominent opportunities within individual Halal economy sectors in Africa.

Agriculture and Halal Food Chain: Key areas of opportunities include: investment opportunities across the Halal Food value chain; Halal Food SMEs seeking Islamic financing for working capital, trade financing and expansion needs; M & A opportunities; organic and pure/wholesome (Tayyab) new products; Halal ingredients; building global or regional brands that deliver on halal integrity.

Halal Travel: Key areas of opportunities include: Family-friendly and business travel cross-over appeal to Muslim-friendly services; luxury Muslim market segment; Halal travel as commercial real-estate investment opportunity; Hajj funds; Halal-themed packages; Muslim heritage gifts/souvenirs; e-commerce, mobile, social media marketing platforms.

Financial Services, Banking & Insurance: Key areas of opportunities include: Banking, microfinancing and crowd funding, Insurance and capital markets.

Hospitality & Tourism: Key areas of opportunities include: digital/e-commerce platform; expansion of online start-up brands with retail outlets, physical stores, franchising and distribution partnerships; western Muslim markets as the largest segment; better target marketing platforms; OIC-based exporters; cross-sell to other faith-based, modest-conscious consumers, with global brand positioning.

Halal Media and Recreation: Key areas of opportunities include: broadening the genre; gaming; marketing partnerships with other Halal lifestyle sectors; western Muslim markets; digital media content; integrating technology/new media, social media (Google Glass for apps, Oculus for virtual/ augmented reality); develop globally branded Halal media and celebrities or regional icons.

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: Key areas of opportunities include: African markets; Halal vaccines; ingredients manufacturing; partner with major retailers and overcome political stigma over Halal brands.

Other Sectors include,

  • Renewable Energy & Environment
  • Health Services & Infrastructure
  • Education, Research & Innovation
  • IT & New Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate & Property Development
  • Strategic Master Planning for Smart Cities & Urban Development
  • Telecommunications
  • Trade & Economic Cooperation
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Waste Management